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Pukka Bundook 8th October 2017 02:43 PM

Translation please?
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Good morning all,

I wonder if someone could please translate this page for me?

It is from Stockel, and is pertinent to an old sporting gun barrel I have made by the Zella family;
Also can anyone explain the dates in the circled area? both 1650 and 1769 are shown.

Many thanks for any help!


corrado26 8th October 2017 03:59 PM

The near to Suhl situated villages of Zella-St.Blasii and Mehlis belonged to the reagion of the Suhl weaspons industry. The rich deposits of iron ore have been the base for the industrial activities since the 16th century. Structure and organisation corresponded certainly with the centre of Suhl, although the efficiency was clearly less in the military and civilian sector. In the 18th century the activity concentrated in the manufacture of military guns, when have been working in those times about 300 masters and 40 shifters.
Making hunting arms and revolvers has been continued until Worl War 1.

The numbers under the years are no years, but just the numbers of the mark, so the mark "ZEL" of 1650 haq the number 1769! For axample: Look at page 1703, the lion mark of 1580/90 has the number 8750. Ok?

Pukka Bundook 8th October 2017 11:32 PM

Dear Corrado,

Thank you for taking the time to translate this for me. It was very kind of you.
It also makes sense of my old sporting gun, as I always thought it was from the Suhl area, and although it was made much later than the barrel stamp would imply, (About 1770's I'd think) the barrel may have been salvaged from an earlier arm. (Not in the least uncommon).

Thank you again, and for the explanation on which line is the date!

Best wishes,

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