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David R 20th September 2017 11:02 AM

East or West, flintlock pistol.
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I posted this on the Ethnic Forum believing it to be a variation of a Balkan flintlock, but it is not recognised as such there. It was suggested I try it here.

Roland_M 20th September 2017 01:37 PM

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The pistol looks French.

If you search for: "flintlock pistol le page" you will find similar examples. At least the lower part of the hilt.

I have found this example after a few minutes of searching.


David R 20th September 2017 02:43 PM

I know, which is why I thought French made or influenced, for the Ottoman market. There is no ramrod or housing for such, barrel is not pinned but held by a band, and the frizzen is grooved in the Eastern manner.

corrado26 20th September 2017 02:58 PM

I do not think that this is a French or German pistol. The barrel ring, the nails in the side plate and the frizzen with grooves are probably signs of Spanish origin. But: It is a very simply made pistol and certainly not the work of an experienced gunsmith.

M ELEY 20th September 2017 05:41 PM

Nice piece, David. I don't think it is Eastern, despite some of the points you mention. Perhaps French made for the Eastern market, however? I've heard that many Mediterranean/French pistol makers sold to the Turks. Also, as far as the lack of a ramrod, many of the Western types had this as well, specifically boarding pistols, Houdah guns, etc. :shrug:

I know there is those Turkish flintlock types that have barrel bands, lack a ramrod and frequently mimic the French types, complete with side brass designer plate, but I've never seen one of this quality/grip type.

Wow, looking back on the Forum, I just realized that you were the one that helped me identify mine, David! Thanks, BTW-

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