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fernando 11th January 2017 04:58 PM

Matchlock aniversary
If Michael was with us, he would be 64 today.
Peace to his soul.

kai 11th January 2017 06:40 PM

Amen to that!

Andi 11th January 2017 07:20 PM

Cheerio :o

Jim McDougall 11th January 2017 09:30 PM

He was always an inspiration and fueled the fires for learning and the advance of serious study of arms and armour. He worked tirelessly his entire life to compile incredible collections and passionately worked to share his knowledge here.
In that, his spirit remains powerful as ever.

I miss you my friend.

M ELEY 12th January 2017 12:50 AM

That was very thoughtful to remember him, Jim. Yes, his knowledge and unique presence is missed- :(

batjka 12th January 2017 12:58 AM

I have learned so much from his posts, am still learning to this day, and will be learning far into the future. Michael, you are missed. RIP

Evgeny_K 12th January 2017 08:49 AM


LisaP 15th January 2017 11:33 PM

Rest in peace Michael.

rickystl 20th January 2017 09:42 AM

RIP Michael.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi 29th January 2017 10:36 PM

He was a great person and I thought what a nice idea would be to celebrate his life and his contribution to this Forum by raising his name onto what I would term our hall of fame where his key works can be listed. I think he would like to be remembered in this way. :shrug:

NeilUK 2nd February 2017 01:29 PM

I think that is a great idea of Ibrahiim's - to create an archive specifically of Michael's contributions to this forum for future students (and us still) to consult. Only problem, it would involve a lot of work by the moderators!
Good luck.

Pukka Bundook 9th February 2017 03:06 PM

A very nice thought, Ibrahiim.

The more I re-read Michael's old posts, the more questions I have that I would have liked to ask him!

Oliver Pinchot 9th February 2017 05:03 PM

I agree with Ibrahim's proposal. Michael contributed a great deal to our knowledge.

fernando 11th January 2018 10:22 AM

One more year past since he left us. He would be 65 today.


Andi 11th January 2018 06:24 PM

Happy Birthday dear friend

fernando 11th January 2019 10:37 AM

RIP ...
Our dearest member and friend would be 66 today.

Marcus den toom 11th January 2019 10:43 AM

His memory still lives on strong, i would propose to look at Ibrahim his idea once more. If i could be of help just give a shout.

Pukka Bundook 11th January 2019 03:15 PM

Another year, and missed as much as ever.

Jim McDougall 11th January 2019 08:29 PM

It is a poignant remembrance of a dear friend, and one of the most generous, kind arms enthusiasts I have ever known. Rest in peace my friend, you are always in our thoughts.

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