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kahnjar1 13th February 2016 01:39 AM

KOUMMYA or not?
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This recently came in and has turned out much nicer than I had originally thought.
The fittings and scabbard are a mixture of Silver, Copper and Brass with nice quality decoration overall. The handle which I think is probably teak, is nicely inlaid with silver wire, and has two very nicely worked silver plates on the face.
The quality forged blade, although typical of the Koummya style,
is not sharpened as far up as usual.
The scabbard tip also is not turned up as much is as usual with Koummya.
Again I feel that there is Tuareg influence at play here judging by the decoration of the scabbard.
Opinion and comments please.

Battara 13th February 2016 01:50 AM

The style and markings are indeed Tuareg, who do inhabit or move through a section of Morocco, where this style of koummya is usually found.

This one is a little unusual in that it has so much Tuareg features.

Thanks for posting this koummya.

rickystl 13th February 2016 06:00 PM

Hi Stu.
That is a really nice looking Koummya. I especially like the detail on the scabbard. The overall craftmanship looks very good. I don't have enough knowledge of the blades to make a more accurate assesment as to it's origin. But it looks like you and Battara have already I.D.'ed this one. :)
I see what you mean by both cutting edges being a bit shorter than the typical Moroccan style. Is that common with Tuareg style blades ?

harrywagner 13th February 2016 07:49 PM

Very nice. Definitely a Koummya. I've not seen one like that before. Good find!

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