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Pusaka 23rd December 2015 12:43 AM

Keris for comment
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This was one of the first keris I ever purchased and also one of my favourite. What is unusual about it is the grove running down the blade. I have never known what was the name of the pamor. Years ago someone told me a grove running down the length meant it was hungry for blood lol
What do you guys think, any info appreciated.

David 23rd December 2015 12:57 AM

The groves running down the blade is known as sogokan which is a often seen feature, however ours is indeed unusually long. I am not sure how that might affect the naming of this dhapur, but perhaps someone else has an idea. The pamor seems an unintentional one to me. Interesting keris. :)

Jean 23rd December 2015 08:02 AM

This dapur with 7 luk and a very long twin sogokan is not a Centre Javanese standard. :)

Green 23rd December 2015 11:45 PM

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i have one example of keris (new/kemardikan) with fairly long groove/sogokan. In fact it has 2 sogokans which i have not seen anywhere else. I guess this keris is just a fanciful mongrel kind of dhapur... may be charita/malela but I like it anyway.

Rick 24th December 2015 02:47 AM

I like it too Green.
Visually pleasing. :)

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