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Ferguson 1st January 2006 12:47 PM

Ideas on Sundang hilt origin?
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I posted some pics of this sundang on the old board.

I've always wondered about the hilt style. I've been keeping my eyes open, but have never seen another one like it. Any ideas? Does anyone have a PI blade with a similar type hilt and pommel?

Oh, and sorry about the bright red wrap, I was trying to duplicate what was there originally, (of which just a little was left) but I couldn't find a darker more natural color. The good thing is that it can come off easily.

Thanks for any input.


Federico 3rd January 2006 10:30 PM

Hard to tell from the pics, almost looks lumad in the older thread, but cant tell (from the pics) if it is just a horse hoof variant or not (or a re-worked nob hilt). Definitely looks to be some modification on the hilt on the old pics (I wouldnt be surprised if it went through at least a couple hilt re-wraps). Most pommels are attached as a secondary piece to the hilt, when you were re-wrapping did you see if it was one piece with the hilt or socketed in? Seems like Im just bringing more questions vs answers.

Anyways, if you want to get rid of the red wrap, you can always use thin cotton twine and either lacquer it black or I suppose if you really want red dye it more spottedly ( that even a word) to match. The multi sectional wraps arent too difficult to do.

zelbone 4th January 2006 08:17 PM

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Hey Steve!
I have a similar far as the blade goes ;) ! I've seen a kris with a very similar hilt before, but like Federico, I agree that it was reworked or a weird horsehoof variant. I'll dig through my photo archive to see if I find a similar pommel on a kris or other weapon. It may have an origin other than being Moro. I've seen this hilt before also on other weapons, but I can't recollect on what kind.

As for the wrap, it looks ok. I would have stuck with plain black. Here's pics of my kris for comparison. It has a rather large kakatua pommel. I got this a few years ago without any hilt wrap. I rewrapped it using cotton twine that I dyed black and wrapped it in a pattern following another kris hilt of mine as a guide. It wasn't hard to do.

Nice kris.

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