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Timo Nieminen 5th July 2012 06:42 AM

Bronze African spearheads
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Some African bronze and copper spearheads.

The big one is, I think, West African.

The small one came in the mail today. When it was discussed here a few years ago, no definite identification was clear ( Sub-Saharan Africa.

The middle one, copper I think, isn't a real spearhead (see the closeup of the butt end). Currency? It's sharper than I'd expect for such a thing. Not sharp enough to make me think it's a knife.

Tim Simmons 5th July 2012 04:49 PM

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I like that big brass blade. I think that is a fighting spear blade and as you say from West Africa. I will even guess it was from what is now southern Nigeria and northern Cameroon. The copper item is a status knife from the Congo. There are a few French and Belgian collectors who will have lots of info on that. The smaller brass spear head could also be a fighting spear point. I have no idea what sort of wieght harft it would take to be sure. If light perhaps it could be thrown. I have a few copper and brass example but can only show this complete copper spear at the moment. This would be for wealthy or should I say people of status rather than material wealth as we understand it. Copper and brass weapons did have trade value but also more than just currency as cash.

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