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Gavin Nugent 5th April 2012 10:11 AM
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I am pleased to announce the arrival of many fine arms throughout the month of April.

Some acquisitions include;
Many more spears (40+), both large and small, including Maasai, Zulu, Congo, Congo Hippo harpoons, various other regions of Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, boar hunting and regimental lances from the India Mutiny period, Naga, Sumatra and several yet to be classified.
Very fine Gold hilted Tulwar
A stunning silver Wahabite Jambiya with belt
Laos Dha
A stunning sword and sheath from the Cameroon grasslands
19th century English parade shield with large central spike
Anak Alang keris
Several Bugis Chieftain Keris
A very fine and rare African arm dagger
Several Rhino horn Shotel/Garude
A good Latok and sheath
A beautiful South American Gaucho knife in silver with inlayed blade
A very fine and complete stunning Spanish Punal from Albacete
Bowie knives
Several Maori Taiaha
A large Maori steering oar
A very fine Dua lalan
English dirk
A fine Kothimora Kukri
A fine Lombok Parang
A fine silver Mecca Jambiya
Belgium folding cutlass
Burmese dha
A very fine Timor sword with a very fine blade
A very fine and complete Moro Kris
A very rare pair or Bukharan Kards/pichoq
A few fine large Navaja
A fine Chillanum
A very good Tanjore Katar sword
A huge early Hindu Patissa/Khanda
Indian Khanjar in gilt repousse copper
A small and heavy Sosun Pattah, very early with unusual markings
A Persian Khanjar blade with an old bronze Chillanum hilt in its original sheath
More Keris
Ivory hilted Kukri
African arrows and quiver
Ivory Billao knives
And many others arriving.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your collecting requirements or just say G'day.
Enquiries are always welcome as I might just have something available that is not listed.

Thank you for your continued support and all the best for the year ahead.

Gavin Nugent

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