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Mefidk 18th February 2012 08:26 AM

Indian battlement gun
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Hi folks

Thought this might be of interest. Perhaps not very pretty, but I like it since it is by far the longest of my weapons, being 223.5cm long, barrel of 171cm and a bore of 17.7mm

Pretty reliable information suggests that this was bought as part of a job lot directly from the armoury in Jaipur and then sold to dealer in the UK. So this should be some of the weaponry stored by the British, perhaps after the fourth Anglo-Mysore war.

The wood behind the barrel is not original, and appears to have come from another gun of the same size (perhaps one of the others in the job lot). Sadly someone has carried out some rather over-vigorous cleaning, but the stamps and markings are still visible. The stamp seems to indicate the provenance is correct, although I don't know how to decifer the code I guess JPR is for Jaipur.

At the base of the barrel on the other side form the stamp is another set of inscribed marks. Could these be original Indian armoury marks?

The arab gun is just for scale :)


Iain 18th February 2012 10:21 AM

I know nothing about these... But I like what I see. :D Very impressive gun and to have fairly precise provenance is fantastic.

Mefidk 19th February 2012 09:25 AM

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Thanks Iain - always nice to have someone else appreciate these :)

By the way I forgot to mention that there is another number (1889) stamped into onse side of the stock.
I'd certainly be interested if anyone can tell me what the various numbers mean, or at least a guess at who added them when?


rickystl 3rd April 2012 04:07 PM

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Hi Chris. I've been away from the Forum for a couple months. Playing catch up with the neat gun Posts.
Indian Toridor Matchlock. Yes, too bad about the over-cleaning. But nice you can get at least some identification. The 1889 may be a later rack/inventory number? The British were good at documenting everything. I hope my response here will prompt some more comments. Note that the stocks for these Matchlocks were made in segments. Two or three depending on the length of the barrel.
Here are a couple pics of mine just for comparison. Thanks for Posting. Rick.

Richard G 3rd April 2012 04:58 PM

I have always understood the the large stamped marks in english are Indian goverment export marks. At one time I think a year of export was decipherable but it is difficult to find anything sensible here. I think the main point is that the mark does not necessarilly signify the gun is from the Jaipur armoury but that it was approved for export in Jaipur, (at the armoury?) The purpose was to stop significant and important items being exported. Ironically, I understand, Indian gun laws are so tight that even items such as these cannot be owned privately without a license and hence remain stored in armouries, unless exported.
Might just be collector's gossip tho'.

Mefidk 5th May 2012 06:53 AM

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Thanks for the input guys - apologies for not getting back sooner.

I've not been able to find anything else out about these numbers. I did find this for sale recently (unfortunately I did not buy it).
Apart from the last four digits the numbers are the same, so this indicates a system of some sort. Whether its inventory numbers or export as suggested by Richard I have no idea.

My only other toradar has 485 stamped on the stock, but no numbers on the barrel. But I guess there are many routes to Europe for these and not all would have been controlled (e.g. if it was a war bring back), so the absence of numbers does not prove anything either way.


Mefidk 5th May 2012 03:04 PM

I forgot to mention that the muzzle decoration on both Jaipur marked examples is rather similar. Again I have no idea whether this is important or coincidence. Perhaps if others have similarly stamped examples we might get some clues?

Cerjak 19th May 2012 03:09 PM

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I chris
I Just bought one last week who is around 190 cm ,you could see the pics in my new thread.( very similar than your's)
Kind Regards


Mefidk 19th May 2012 08:16 PM

Hi Cerjak - congratulations on that toradar :)
The muzzle decoration is indeed very similar to mine and the other pictured in the post. Can't be just coincidence. Looks like you are lucky and also have a match holder on yours too!
I'm not sure what it is but these are appealing somehow - not pretty but extremely functional.
The numbers on the butt are very different from mine, so I guess this is another rack numbering or something. You don't seem to have Jaipur armoury marks on the barrel either - so we are at least getting some variety. Since the last post I have found another mother of pearl decorated gun with JPR stamps, a battlement gun with, and another without JPR stamps - unfortunately all three of these also eluded me :shrug:

I am still assuming/hoping somebody must know about these Jaipur numbers - when and why they were applied?


Lee 27th September 2015 12:17 PM

Received in my e-mail:
In February 2012 there was a thread on your forums concerning the origin of some particular guns

There was a question of the origin of these guns. I have recently moved house and have found some old papers

These guns numbers JPR/EXR/2/3730 to 9101 came from Royal Jaigarh Fort Jaipur and were discovered in bricked up area .

My papers are dated 1978

Hope helps

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