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drac2k 21st October 2020 07:19 PM

Two Unknown African Items?
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I acquired these two items with a grouping and I haven't a clue. A Nigerian told me that these may be from Mali or the West African Bambara Tribe and they are used for healing. Does anybody else know what these are?

kronckew 22nd October 2020 12:19 AM

Chicken feet have been used in high occult magic, voodoo and Santeria for many purposes. Two noted uses are for hanging over an altar or sacred space for protection and safety. It can also be hung over a door or entry way for the same purpose.

In offensive magic it can be symbolically used for the "scratching" of the vision, hearing and speech of ones actions not desired!

It has been used for centuries as both a protection in defensive magic and as a magical weapon in offensive magic.

drac2k 22nd October 2020 03:47 AM

Thanks for the insight. I should have noted that the 3 toed object is approx. 10" long and made of wood, twine bark, and pitch among other things. The claws are made of wood.

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