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Kmaddock 2nd October 2020 07:42 PM

Bamboo Bow and arrow set
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Hi All
I know bow and arrows are v difficult to identify but here goes

The metal work on the arrow tip attracted me to the set, some old varnish on The arrows always gets me thinking of old.

The bow is bamboo which is joined at the overlap of the handle and bound with string? and cloth and held again with resin.

it is quiet flexible and would propel the arrow quiet well
overall bow length is 165cm and the arrows are 70 cm long.

Any taughts at all welcome
arrow flights are slivers of timber stained black,



kahnjar1 2nd October 2020 08:16 PM

Hi Ken,
Not my bag, but nice items. My guess would be Africa (somewhere) or maybe Indonesia. Unlikely to be Pasifika as they tend to have wood or bone tips. Attached is a link which may be helpful. Have a look at the Spears and Arrows section

Kmaddock 2nd October 2020 11:11 PM

Thanks Stu,

I have never had much luck in finding out origins of Bows that I come across but I needed to purchase something, saw this in one of my haunts and decided to bring it home.
I have found this free on line book to be informative on Bows but mine is not pictured.

handy free reference though



Ian 3rd October 2020 01:09 AM

The arrowheads look Central or Northern Luzon to me. However, the construction of the arrows and bow are non-traditional for that area. The bows are always made from hardwood, often palm wood--a bamboo bow would be considered a "toy" fit for a child to use. The arrow shafts can be bamboo, but more usually a harder wood that is straighter than bamboo, and the flights would be feathers.

This ensemble looks like a recent concoction made for those who travel.

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