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kronckew 13th June 2019 08:06 PM

Decorative Whotsits
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Picked up a cheap pair of whotsits, described as Handcrafted French "medieval style" swords 103cm. with 93cm blades. Fancy bronzer hilt on one withstanding man emblems that look like half a Zwilling Henckels symbol, other appears to have beed rehilted with a simple cross guard and grip. Deeply well decorated blades on both. Any info, good or bad, will be appreciated. I'll probably leather cover the wood grip & maybe wire wind it. Might it have had a similar bronze hilt to the other at some point? Patinated blades I'll just oil. They'll look purdy and a step up from tourist junk if not very old...

corrado26 14th June 2019 11:43 AM

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The rapier in the fotos attached is made of cast brass and must have the same origine as the sword in question. The rapier is made after a piece of the Dresden Rüstkammer shown at left.

kronckew 20th June 2019 09:45 PM

They've arrived. the wood grip one is junk, the guard was welded to the blade and the join riughly ground. If the blade were any good, it's not now. Off to the oops corner in the 8th circle. I think somone made a 'trainer' out of the blade. Too much effort to cut off the mess and remake a tang to fit a better grip properly to make a decorative wallhanger.

The cast grip one may be better, the casting is crisp and looks like it once may have been silver plated. Blade is unsharpened, flexible & well etched, lenticular. No markings or writing. It's in purgatory with the other may bees.

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