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carlos 25th September 2020 11:53 AM

My new dagger from Philippines
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I just received my new dagger, I think is from Philippines.
The sheath has engraved H S and leaves.
Some more information will be wellcome.
Thanks in advance

Bangkaya 29th September 2020 05:44 PM

I'm surprised no one has commented on this yet :shrug:

It looks to me like a dagger from Pangasinan known as a treskantos
Early to mid 20th C.

Battara 30th September 2020 05:45 PM

Bangkaya is this type of blade typical of Pangasinan blades?

Bangkaya 30th September 2020 06:08 PM

No, not necessarily. Treskantos is the term used for a 3-sided dagger, but not limited to Pangasinan. Treskantos blade profiles can be found throughout Luzon and the Visayas. The popularity of the treskantos is due to the fact that the flat side offers more surface area for blade contact to use in blocking and parrying in certain espada y daga techniques.

The rest of this particular dagger (scabbard, hilt, crossguard, etc.) exhibit Pangasinan characteristics.

carlos 30th September 2020 07:56 PM

Thank you very much!! The information is very appreciated to me.
Best regards

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