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tanaruz 12th July 2020 08:29 AM

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Hi friends,

Sharing my new treasure. I was told by the previous owner that this came from Iloilo (La Paz) and it's called a plamingko.

It was originally owned by her 'Apoy'- meaning, grandfather of her grandfather. She's around 30 years this piece is more than 100 years old!

See the on the blade. Unfortunately, the tip of the blade was broken, and a skilled artisan here in the Philippines, accepted to have it 'whole' again and fully restored.


1) is there a particular name for the pommel/s design?
2) is the blade plamingko the same name given to all parts of Iloilo/Panay?

Enjoy and be safe.


Note: I have attached a pic of a plamingko with a whole blade.

Ian 12th July 2020 03:03 PM

Hi Yves,

Yes, it's a Visayan plamingko and probably one of the oldest shown on this web site. There are a few more pictures in the archives, such as here. Your question about the name for this style of pommel is a good one as we have not defined its name here before. I seem to recall Zelbone referring to it several years ago as having a colloquial name of "chicken's head." It's a very common pommel used primarily on tools and knives for domestic purposes rather than weapons.

As far as I know, the term plamingko is used throughout Panay, and perhaps in other areas of the Visayas also. I have not heard these knives called anything else. Perhaps Xasterix can help further as he has studied Visayan blades and their names.



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