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Lee 22nd July 2010 07:48 PM

Special Rules Pertaining to the Swap Forum
A new set of rules concerning the swap forum has been implemented effective 22 July 2010. These rules and an associated FAQ are available on the Registration and Forum Rules page. Members should become familiar with these rules before using the swap forum.

Andrew 5th August 2010 01:19 AM

If your threads are disappearing, it is likely due to your failure to read and comply with the rules. :shrug:

Lee 31st December 2014 06:13 PM

Revision to Swap Forum Rules
Now viewable at the link in the first post above, a revision has been made to section 5 of the special rules for the swap forum. This change reduces restrictions on swap forum threads promoting a business or commercial website.

5. Advertisements containing links or directions to commercial websites and or auction sites may be deleted without notice, except as otherwise specifically permitted in these rules. Images must be uploaded and placed as displayed attachments, rather than as links. Members of the forum community who are also dealers or have a related business may create a thread with the name of their business in the swap forum within the title and include links to their on-line stores and or websites. Replies to this thread to announce special sale events and arrivals of new merchandise may be made. A new replacement thread may be started to reduce clutter, after which the earlier thread must no longer be refreshed. Should a member be advised by a moderator that he/she are overusing (or spamming) this service, that member is expected to comply with such limitations as the moderator advises. Dealer threads for single items complying with the fourteen day exclusivity rule above are permitted outside of this provision. Book publications, museum exhibitions and related events may also be announced and updated in this manner.

Lee 3rd June 2017 09:44 PM

Items incorporating endangered species
Members are advised to review legal restrictions applying to their jurisdiction when offering or acquiring items that incorporate such materials as ivory or rhino horn.

At the US national level, here is a brief review of restrictions to import, export and interstate trade: Can I Sell It?

Further analysis of state level restrictions may be found at: Understanding Ivory Lay

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