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AHorsa 15th February 2020 09:52 AM

German Morion around 1600
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Dear all,

this week I got my first (old) Helmet. It is sayd that it is German around 1600.
It was subsequently "re-blackened", which the pre-owner removed on the outside (on the inside it is still remaining). There are still remains of (what I think is) the original blackening outside.
It is made from laminated steel and quite light in my oppinion (around 1.15 kg). I only had an 16th century breastplate before, which was really heavy, so I was suprised by the low weight of the helmet.
There is a repair on the rim where I am not sure if it is old or of newer age. What do you think? I hope everything is okay with the helmet.

Looking forward to your comments

Best regards

fernando 15th February 2020 10:15 AM

It looks good ... to me, Andreas. The repair doesn't look modern; and not a problem, in any case. You are right in that it is a light example; hopefuly still authentic. Let us see what other members tell.

ulfberth 15th February 2020 01:48 PM

Hi Andreas,
As Fernando said ,the helmet is Original don't worry, it is indeed a light weight version, but as on close helmets and other models this weight can vary a lot.
kind regards

ulfberth 15th February 2020 01:59 PM

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Although most will weigh around 1500 grams, the first one is from the Metropolitan Museum and weighs 1150 grams and the second one is in the art zeughaus museum in Slothurn Germany and weighs 1180 grams.

AHorsa 15th February 2020 02:30 PM

Hello Gentlemen

Thanks a lot for confirming its authenticity and for the supplementary images!

Best regards

Lansquenet59 15th February 2020 03:41 PM

It is perfectly authentic. It is a very simple model, made in two parts, often light, I have one of a similar weight.

AHorsa 15th February 2020 09:41 PM

Thanks for the further opinion. Happy to hear that.
Is it possible to say whether this piece was made for military purposes, for night watches or guards or others?

Lansquenet59 16th February 2020 10:11 AM

For me, it can be quite military, for the infantry. The models with decorations, are generally for the guards of the German cities.

AHorsa 8th March 2020 01:08 PM

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Hi Lansquenet,

thanks for the info!

I figured out that under the newer blackening there is (active) rust partially. So I removed this new blackening. Now one can see different layer of older colours. The lowest layer seems to be a homogenious greyish/black, partially a bit blueish, thin cover. It looks like burnished. Was burnishing already known and used around 1600? Or might that have been made in later times?

Best regards

Lansquenet59 8th March 2020 04:39 PM

Hi Andreas,

At the time, the armor was either polished white. Or with a blue - black tint. It was heated to a certain temperature to achieve this result. (According to my knowledge).
So for me, it is its original color that we see there.

AHorsa 9th March 2020 09:23 PM

thanks for your opinion, Lansquenet!

I found some pieces with similar tint:

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