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Multumesc 29th November 2019 08:59 PM

Sword for identification
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I have this sword in my collection. :) Please tell me what kind of sword it is ? And from what century ? :shrug:

Multumesc 29th November 2019 09:19 PM

Sword for identification
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Will M 30th November 2019 02:15 AM

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I can only compare your sword to a hanger I have that is British circ 1790
The pommel has that extended tip or point facing downwards which is not typical of other swords.
I would say it's British and from the same 1790's period.
It also has a somewhat French appearance, some would say "Continental" type.
The grip has been replaced so we can't use that to identify.

M ELEY 30th November 2019 03:05 AM

The downward facing langets are typical for French swords circa 1800. The knucklebow on yours is similar to Will's but it is closer to the so-called reverse P style that came out in 1798. My guess is French, circa 1790-1800 Pre-Napoleonic. Of course, I think I've seen Russian and Austrian swords with those same lozenge-shaped langets... :shrug:

corrado26 30th November 2019 10:26 AM

This is probably a French light cavalry officers sabre of the Consulat or First Empire.

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