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Kmaddock 26th August 2020 10:37 AM

Tibetan Knife?
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Just got this knife last night in a job lot
Am I correct in thinking it is from Tibet or Bhutan?
and would anyone have any idea on age of the knife
V sharp blade with 2 fullers blade length 18.5 cm overall length 31 cm
I am thinking of repairing the silver wire on the handle, anyone got any idea as to where to get such wire about 1mm in gauge

Battara 26th August 2020 05:51 PM

Well Bhutan and Tibet are next door neighbors and Tibetan Buddhist in orientation. Could fit both. Hard to tell for me.

Gonzoadler 26th August 2020 11:00 PM

this dagger is called "Dughti", they were common
in both countries. I estimate the dagger was made
in the second third of the 20th century. I don't know where you can get a wire but personally I wouldn't change it.

Philip 27th August 2020 04:54 AM

The style, especially of the hilt, is typically Bhutanese although there is some overlap in the deco motifs. It's quite a late piece, perhaps of touristic quality.

Kmaddock 27th August 2020 09:44 AM

Thanks all for your posts and confirmation of origin
Another country another knife

Rich 27th August 2020 01:19 PM

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I have two similar knives. Labeled them as Tibetan, know they could be Nepal or Bhutan. I think (?) the wood handled one is possibly older. Any more info appreciated. (My photo editing software is primitive-sorry). Rich

kronckew 27th August 2020 05:22 PM

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I've been told many moons ago that the social group that makes these overlaps the borders and sells them to traders to/from both nations. The Bhutanese tend to like the one with dragon motifs on the scabbards, and the Tibetans prefer geometric and floral patterns, but that is not definitive.

My Bhutanese (probably) Dossum:

Gonzoadler 27th August 2020 10:24 PM

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I have one, too. The blade is double edged and damascened. The material of the scabbard and the handle is probably tombac.
Is it more likely that the dagger is from Bhutan because of the dragon?

kronckew 28th August 2020 02:04 PM

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Probably. Double edged is a bit unusual.hairpin lamination is fairly common in the area in older blades especially. The dragon is the National symbol of Bhutan.

The Bhutanese Flag is below

The king carries a much larger single edged sword version, called a patag, or patang. He carries it on his right side as a symbol of his rank. (see below)

Kmaddock 28th August 2020 04:46 PM

Hi Gonzoadler,

The ferrule in your blade look like they were milled out which strikes me as being a bit unusual , handle nearly identical to how mine was.



kronckew 28th August 2020 05:14 PM

To me they look like the grip has formed sheet sections soldered, they have seams and even a small blob of solder is visible. The ferrule has a distinct seam on the rear where the strip of metal was joined.

Gonzoadler 28th August 2020 08:55 PM

You are right kronckew, handle and scabbard are made of embossed and soldered tombac sheets. I know that the blade is a little unusual, but all fits together. Unfortunately I can't read the inscription.
Thanks for information, it is interesting.

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