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fernando 27th July 2010 09:14 PM

A wooden breech for an iron chamber
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This XV century rought iron falconet chamber has already been shown here.
It is presently laying on the lower shelf of my TV set stand, so i watch it a good couple hours per day.
As time went on, i wouldn't cease thinking abut its 'naked' situation, standing by its own on a little two forked base.
So i thought i would replicate the breech section of a falconet, in a stylized manner ... made of mahogany wood.
You may find this an awkward solution, but it brings some cosiness to the lonely chamber, anyway :cool: .
Having failed the calculations to allow for reasonable space in the back of the breech, to lodge the chamber flat wedge, i decided to minimize the problem by using a cilindrical device instread ... the front section of an old muzzle loading firearm ramrod :shrug: .


Atlantia 27th July 2010 09:45 PM

What a clever and creative solution to displaying this rare relic.
Great DIY there, it really provides 'context'.
You are becomming somewhat a specialist in the early firearms field Nando!

Matchlock 28th July 2010 07:09 PM

Hi 'Nando,

Like Gene I like your presentation a lot. It comes very near the original function and is much better than using modern iron parts. Everybody will grasp the idea that the wood sybolizes the missing iron.

I would only suggest adding one little thing for completeness: a wooden wegde or shim to open or close the rear emptiness - just as would have been the case when the chamber was placed in the original recess of the breech of the barrel for firing. :)


fernando 30th July 2010 01:04 PM

Thank you Gene and Michl, for your kind words.
As i said, i should have provided more room in the rear, for the proportional use of a wedge.
But i will give it a second thought and ask the carpenter to help me on a wedge solution, within the available space ... Master Michl ;) .

fernando 7th September 2010 01:06 PM

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The carpenter is back from holidays.
Here is the new wooden wedge, to go more accordingly with the rest of the setup.
Your suggestion worked perfectly, Michl ? :cool:


Matchlock 5th December 2013 11:06 AM

Hi 'Nando,

In studying your images of 'my' long-time breech chamber I cannot but repeat putting the stress on how unbelievably early this tiny piece is: its slender High-Gothic general shape, reflecting the even earlier Romanic style still rounded throughout, are clear indices of a date of origin of ca. 1440! ;) :cool: :eek:

They should in no way be confounded with the much shorter, stouter but also round Early-Renaissance objects of ca. 1540, like the ones salvaged from the Mary Rose, or the 'Portuguese' sample in Marcus' collection.


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