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Flavio 9th September 2006 12:11 PM

What book is this?
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Hi all, for sure someone here knows this book. Could you please tell me the title, author and if someone can provide an english translation. Thank you very much.

B.I 9th September 2006 01:46 PM

a translation of the title or the content?
we would all kill for a translation of the text as its a fantastic book of turkish arms. worth buying for the imagery alone.

ariel 9th September 2006 02:20 PM

This is a book by Astvatsaturyan " Turkish Weapons" This one as well as her other one " Weapons of the Caucasian Nations" are simply classics. Ausjulius posted a pdf of the first edition of the "caucasian" book, but the second one is 3-4 times bigger.
The Russian Publishing House "Atlant" is preparing English editions of both.
In December, they will release their new one, " Castles and Fortresses of India" and they specify that it will be a Russian edition (are they hinting on the English one?). They seem to be serious about it : one of their books " Dirks of the World" was published simultaneously in both versions.

Flavio 9th September 2006 02:44 PM

Thank you both, Brian and Ariel. Brian I have bought a copy of this book and indeed pictures are simply wonderful :)

ausjulius 9th September 2006 03:00 PM

im looking for others on the net,, things like intelectual property are not respected in russia :) ,
i have this and several other books , but to scan them all and make them into pdf images woudl be tomuch work .......:(

wolviex 10th September 2006 10:23 AM

I've got this book too and it's fabulous!!! Living in Poland it is quite easier for me to translate some passages of this book (many semantic similarities), but I admit that it is quite labour-absorbing process and English version would be just like salvation. I've got Russian-Polish translator which is great help, but unfortunately my OCR software doesn't want to cooperate properly with russian letters after copying them to text editor or translator - there are only sqaures instead of markings. So PDF made or found by ausjulius with OCR text like that on caucasian weapons would be great help too.

Flavio 10th September 2006 10:57 AM

Hello Michal, i think that the chapter on yataghans is excellent, unfortunatly russian is quite complicated to understand here in Italy :o

Aqtai 10th September 2006 11:21 AM

I've seen that book on Ebay, and I have been tempted to buy it, unfortunately I cannot read Russian. I also have Italian, German and Polish books on my bookshelves, while I don't read those languages either, at least they use the same alphabet, so I can just about get the gist of things. :)


I've just been on the publisher's website. The book seems to be out of print. :(

ariel 10th September 2006 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by ausjulius
im looking for others on the net,, things like intelectual property are not respected in russia :) ,
i have this and several other books , but to scan them all and make them into pdf images woudl be tomuch work .......:(

Like many other things in Russia "respect" is unidirectional: foreighners should respect all things Russian, but the reverse doesn't always work.
I have a friend in Moscow; both he and his son are lawyers for two large American firms specializing in intellectual property: they are pretty busy protecting Coca Cola and such from Russian knock-offs.
But a small Publishing House, like Atlant, is unlikely to afford much self-defence. I ordered a book from them once: had to send personal check to the name of the receptionist and waited 2 months for the book. All my inquiries got standard nonchalant messages: " what's the hurry? it will come one day... " The funniest thing, it did come: well packed, with a lovely postcard, obviously mailed 2-3 days after the check was cashed.... They still have to work a bit on their "customer relations" issues ;) ;)
It was Gorelik's book " Arms and Armour of the Ancient East". Absolutely brilliant! (Gorelik wrote a big chapter for Elgood's anthology on Islamic weapons). Truly a benchmark of erudition, professionalism and academic excellence! Nicolle's books pale in comparison.

ausjulius 10th September 2006 05:44 PM

yeah , fake goods are a bit industry here,
i know for shure 80% of the coca cola here is totaly fake :)

fakes shoes, .. fake water . fake car parts...fake petrol
.here there is a BP petrol station :P.. asked one chap off hand what it meant , he laughted and said it was VR , the owners initials. B=V and P=R in russian script ... its an exsact copy of a normal BP petrol station)
, fake knives (there is every month many fake compies of our knives forund,, we now mark them with a laser,,,, which the guys doing them in the back yard dont have :D )

i think one cant buy a pair of real levis in the whole country :O ..
the thing is theyer still selling the fake jeans for 100$ or more !!!!! insane,,,,,,
the weird thing is people buy them,,, and other peopel get rich from it.

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