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sadsmd 29th March 2019 09:05 PM

Help in identifying sword and etching
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Another attic find at my in laws. Sad it's been subjected to the changes of temperature in an attic for 35 years. The leather on the scabbard is losing it's top grain when touched. I believe this is an Ottoman Sabre of some sort
but my knowledge in swords is nil. I'd greatly appreciate your help in identifying this sword and shed some light as to who the face is or why it's on the sword. The face etching is the same on both sides.
Thank you!
Semper Fi

Athanase 30th March 2019 06:30 PM

It's very nice sword from Caucasus and northem of Black See ( Russia, Ukainia ) wich is names Shashka, but I don't know enough to say more.

Kubur 30th March 2019 09:52 PM

Probably Raspoutine

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Ariel is the specialist

OsobistGB 30th March 2019 09:54 PM

Yes , It is a shashka ...but it is Turkish.It has nothing to do with the Cossacks and Caucasians shashkas :)
The main difference is that it hangs like a sword.

OsobistGB 30th March 2019 10:05 PM

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This is how the Caucasian shashka is worn.

Ren Ren 30th March 2019 10:30 PM


Originally Posted by Kubur
Ariel is the specialist

I am not a great specialist :) But it is very difficult to live in Russia, be interested in cold arms and know nothing about the shashka.

This is a very interesting old shashka in the Circassian style. It was probably brought to Turkey by Muhajirs - Muslim immigrants after the Caucasian Wars (mainly from 1858-1864). The scabbard are already made in Turkey.

Unfortunately, I have nothing to say about the blade, but it definitely deserves attention.

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