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I've registered, so why can't I post?
When you register, you are sent an e-mail containing a link that you click to verify that you can receive e-mail at the address you provided and to activate your registration. If you did not receive this email with the registration activation link, chances are that your e-mail system has misidentified it as spam and intercepted it or put it directly in the junk folder. For a quick fix, email and ask for manual activation, being sure to include your user name. HOWEVER, you probably will still have another problem. If another forum member attempts to contact you in the future using the e-mail forward function of the forums, it is likely that this communication will also be discarded by your mail service. To avoid this problem, you may have access to settings to allow mail from specified domains (in this case to pass and be able to fix the problem yourself or you may need to contact your mail service provider concerning their e-mail filtering functions. Currently, this is known to be an issue with hotmail.

I have made a post, why did it not show up?
Our forum has had a problem with topically unrelated commercial postings (spam) by some newly registered members. For this reason, new members are in a probationary status. When you make your first post, expect it to possibly be several hours before it appears. This is because it is placed in a moderation queue for clearing by a moderator. Once it becomes obvious that you are here to discuss ethnographic arms and armor, a moderator will promote you to allow immediate appearance of posts.

I am registered but I cannot send a Private Message
Chances are that you are still in probationary status, because you have not yet made any posts. If you do not wish to make posts, but desire the promotion in order to be able to send private messages, you will need to send an e-mail to introducing yourself (i.e.: name, location and a brief description of your interests in ethnographic arms and armor) and requesting such activation.

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