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1144 - East African Dagger made from a File, with Sheath

The 6½ inch (16.7 cm) long double edged blade shows a scale-like pattern upon the blade faces suggesting a previous 'life' as a file or rasp. There is a low central mid rib and the width of the blade widens somewhat before the edges curve inward to form the point. The flats of the blade are darker on one side and become brighter over the coarsely ground edge bevels although patchy discoloration and mild pitting is seen throughout. A 'v' shaped cut to the edge is noted back before the narrowing of the blade to form the point. A smooth brown wooden hilt expands parallel to the plane of the edges on either end. Shaping marks remain evident on the wood and there is a low ridge on either side. An old copper Ottoman coin has been used as a tang washer. The dagger is 10¾ inches (24.4 cm) long and weighs 3¾ ounces (107 grams). A dark brown leather sheath with embossed decoration, a cord loop and a reptile leather band at its mouth accompanies the dagger. Sheathed, the overall length is 9¾ inches (24.7 cm) with a weight of 4.3 ounces (122 grams).

East African Dagger from File with Sheath

East African Dagger from File with Sheath

East African Dagger from File with Sheath

Ottoman coin tang washer on East African Dagger from File

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