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Ethnographic Arms & Armor

West African Lobi Tribe Figural Slingshot
1161 - West African Lobi Tribe Figural Slingshot
- eBay

1124 - Mildly Curved Single Edge Knife with Leather Sheath
- eBay

1125 - Philippine Dagger with Brass and Horn Hilt and Leather Sheath
- eBay

1126 - Philippine Islands Dagger with Brass, Horn and Bone Hilt

1127 - Philippine Ilocano Dagger with Wavy Blade and Horn and Silver Mounts

Items Currently for Sale:
Lew's Library: Arms, Armor & Related Cultures Books

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The books are all in good used condition with wear as should be expected for the age; if no dustjacket is mentioned, there is none.

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1313 - Frey, Edward;
The Kris: Mystic Weapon of the Malay World;
Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1986 hardback,
review copy with stamped signature; 8 x 5"

ISBN 0 19 582660 4

1315 - Ghiringhelli, Vanna; The Invincible Krises 2;
Vercelli: Saviolo Publisher, 2007 (English version) hardback, 12 x 8½"
ISBN 978-88-95125-05-3

1329 - Sheldon, May French;
Sultan to Sultan: Adventures of a Woman among the Masai and other Tribes of East Africa;
Coventry: Trotamundas Press, 2008 reprint of 1892 edition paperback, 9 x 6"
ISBN 978-1-906393-13-7

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